A Vision For You

The International Institute of Christian Counseling has a vision for every person called by God into the Ministry of Christian Counseling.  You are the capable, caring and loving Christian who is committed to to building up, educating and inspiring others.  You have been given a heart that yearns to provide care, encouragement and nurture.  God has loved you, and you are inspired to share that love with others.  You are the one who will provide an ear to listen, a heart to understand and a voice to encourage.  May it begin with you.

A Vision For The Church

Over the millennia, the church has been that place of refuge, a willing listener to the repentant, and a place of restoration for the lost.  Today the need for the church is greater than ever.  There has never been a time when more of what the church can offer is needed by our culture.  Will the church respond?  One very effective way for a church to attend to the needs of it constituents is to listen and attend to their needs at an individual level.  The best way for a church to accomplish this is by offering Christian Counseling by a trained professional.  Many churches now have employed staffs of Christian Counselors. The trend has only just begun.  The vision of IIOCC is to have trained Christian Counselors in available to every Christian in their times of need.