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The Art of Forgiving

Art of Forgiving

Text: The Art of Forgiving  Lewis B. Smedes  192 pages

3 credit hours 1 report.

If you are ready to make peace with those who have hurt or betrayed you, there can be no finer road map than this thoroughly practical book. Lewis Smedes brings true forgiveness, "Gods own gift," within the capacity of every wounded person, even in circumstances when only hate seems possible. With inspiring words, he leads you through the three stages of forgiveness and helps you understand:

  • Why we forgive (often the person who benefits most is the forgiver)
  • What we do when we forgive (perhaps not what we expect)
  • Whom we forgive (only those who directly wrong us)
  • How we forgive (we start by owning our pain)

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Battlefield of the MindBattlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer

Text: Battlefield of the Mind  Author - Joyce Meyer   304 pages 1 report  1 optional workbook 3 credit hours

Worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation: all these are attacks on the mind. If readers suffer from negative thoughts, they can take heart! Joyce Meyer has helped millions win these all-important battles. In her most popular bestseller ever, the beloved author and minister shows readers how to change their lives by changing their minds.

She teaches how to deal with thousands of thoughts that people think every day and how to focus the mind the way God thinks. And she shares the trials, tragedies, and ultimate victories from her own marriage, family, and ministry that led her to wondrous, life-transforming truth--and reveals her thoughts and feelings every step of the way.

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The Lies We Believe

Text: The Lies We Believe  - Author  Dr Chris Thurman 320 pages  1 report The Lies We Believe
3 credit hours

This newly repackaged edition examines the lies people tell themselves that damage emotional health, relationships, and spiritual life. Psychologist Dr. Chris Thurman guides the reader through part one that identifies the different areas of self-lies, religious lies, marital lies, distortion lies, and worldly lies. Part Two delves into the issues of what is truth, and Part Three deals with how to live the truth, ultimately revealing the freedom that can only come from one thing-believing and telling themselves the truth. An extremely easy-to-follow guide filled with comprehensive workbook exercises, this edition is a way to help people experience the emotional health, intimate relationships, and spiritual fulfillment they are seeking.

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Twelve Steps a Spiritual Journey Twelve Steps a Spiritual Journey

Text: Twelve Steps a Spiritual Journey (Tools for Recovery)

Authors: Friends In Recovery  1 Report 3 credit hours

"We use The Twelve Steps--A Spiritual Journey as a vehicle to move our people down the road to further discipleship and fellowship. When used in the group experience, it promotes unity and molds people together into the family of God".---Ron & Karen Martin, Founders & Directors, Lion tamers Anonymous.

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If Christ Were Your Counselor

If Christ Were Your Counselor

Text: If Christ Were Your Counselor Author - Chris Thurman 135 Pages 1 Report 3 credit hours

Dr. Thurman draws on his knowledge as a clinical psychologist with the Minirth-Meier Clinic, as well as his deep familiarity with the Bible, to give readers Christ's own answers to their most personal questions on forgiveness, taking responsibility, being honest, and relying on God.

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