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The first group of text books are listed on this page.  The order in which you take them is not critical, but as a group, these courses form a solid foundation,  freeing the student from any "old baggage" they may be carrying. 

The tuition includes the text required for the course.

Examinations will be provided by the school  via email.  Request the exam you require by sending the registrar and email and re Many of the courses require a written report, others have an objective examination.  This is a link to download the instructions for the written report.

As you progress further through the pages, the courses will tend to be more advanced.

Course Ordering Information

Please order the texts you wish to study.  They will be shipped to you.  If you already own the text, you may simply email the school and communicate that you have the text for the course. 

If you reside outside the USA, the shipping costs will be calculated and charged to your account. This will modestly extend the number of payments you will make.  Ordering 2-4 courses at once will reduce the total shipping cost.

Created In God's Image Christian Counseling Degree Course

Text: Created In God Image - Author Drs. Richard & Phyllis Arno - 260 pages  - 1 exam - 3 credit hours

God created us in His image.  And the nature of our spirit, designed by Him, is known as our temperament.  One key to understanding people is the temperament.  Why people respond differently to the same stimuli is largely due to their temperament.  This important course is a fine way to begin preparation for becoming a Christian Counselor.  3 credit hours, 1 exam. 

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How to Listen to God Christian Counseling Degree Course Hearing God

Text : How to Listen to God  - Author Charles Stanley   176 pages  1 report  3 credit hours

Developing a relationship with the Lord requires prayer and meditation.  Learn to develop a two way communication with God.  Discover how to distinguish God's voice from all other voices, and how to joyfully and obediently respond.  3 credit hours,  1 report  

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Soul Control Soul Control

Text: Soul Control - Author: Mac Hammond  - 180 page text 1 exam
3 credit hours

Frustrated by your mind? Annoyed with your emotions? Stuck with a stubborn will? Grab control of your soul by embracing the principles Mac Hammond unveils in his book Soul Control: Whoever Controls Your Soul Controls Your Destiny. You'll find strategies for consistently making correct choices that will transform the quality of your life and propel you toward the fulfillment of your divine destiny.
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The Blessings of Brokenness The Blessings of brokenness

Text: The Blessings of Brokenness - Author: Charles Stanley  160 pages 1 report 3 credit hours

Perhaps you've already experienced circumstances so shattering you may wonder today whether it's even possible to pick up the pieces. And maybe you can't. But God can -- and the good news is, he wants to reassemble the shards of your life into a wholeness that only the broken can know. 
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Fresh Faith

Text: Fresh Faith: What Happens When Real Faith Ignites God's PeopleFresh Faith

Author: Jim Cymbala   256 pages 3 credit hours 1 report

Pastor Jim Cymbala calls us back to a fiery, passionate preoccupation with God that will restore what the enemy has stolen from us: our first love for Jesus, our zeal, our troubled children, our wounded marriages, our broken and divided churches. Born out of the heart and soul of The Brooklyn Tabernacle, the message of Fresh Faith is illustrated by true stories of men and women whose lives have been changed through the power of faith. Cymbala writes, 'Real faith is produced when our hearts draw near to God himself and receive his promises deep within.' That kind of faith can transform your life---starting today, if you choose. 'Jim Cymbala is an exciting reminder of God's desire to bless and use any faithful and trusting follower of our Lord in supernatural ways.' ---Dr. Bill Bright, Founder and President, Campus Crusade for Christ International 

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