Associate of Christian Counseling Degree

The Associate of Christian Counseling ministry degree may very well be the most important certification a student earns.  The program is designed to truly empower the student by developing a deeper understanding and relationship with the Lord.  By so doing you will open the doors to your own spiritual healing.  The bridge to excellence is education Regardless of the nature of your difficulties, the Lord loves you and provides for you.  These courses will help the you explore the various areas that Christian counselors are regularly involved with.  Many will find healing for themselves as they explore the magnificence of our creation.

There are a total of 60 credit hours required to complete the Associates program. The entire 60 credit hour Associates degree program is designed to be completed in one to two years.  The maximum time to complete an Associates degree is five years. Each of the courses may be done at your own pace.  

Associate of Arts Degree - Tuition

Tuition & Books for the Associate of Christian Counseling is of $2100.   Tuition may be paid in installments. There is a $100 degree fee.  Grand Total $2200.

Associate Degree Complete in 1 Payment  Save $400 Click Here for entire tuition in 1 $1800 payment

Associate Degree Complete in 10 Payments Save $200 Click Here for 10 - $200 monthly payments

Associate Degree Complete in 22 Payments  Click Here for 22 - $100 monthly payments

Text Books

Text books are provided for all courses. Visit the Phase 1 Courses page