Combined Associates & Bachelor's Degrees in Christian Counseling   

If you hold a high school diploma, a GED, or the equivalent, you are eligible for the combined Associate's and Bachelor's Degree program.  This single commitment is designed to earn you both an Associate's and a Bachelor's degree within 2 to 4 years.  Degree in Christian CounselingHowever, you may take up to 8 years to complete the program.

The  program  integrate studies from a variety of contemporary sources.  The courses cover a number of fascinating subjects ranging from the Bible and hearing God, to dealing with Anger, learning about forgiveness and how the enemy of our souls battles with us in our minds.

If your goal is to become the best Christian Counselor you can be, there is nothing that will replace a thorough education.  During the course of this program, you will become acquainted with many different aspects and issues that Christian Counselors are routinely confronted with. With a good education, you will be prepared rather than caught off-guard. 

The Combined Associates & Bachelors in Christian Counseling Program Tuition, Fees, Books

Tuition, Books and Fees for the Combined Associate/Bachelor of Christian Counseling is $5000.   Tuition may be paid in installments. 

Combined Associates & Bachelor Degree Tuition, Books, Deg. Fees. Save $800 Click Here for entire tuition in 1 $4200 payment

Combined Associates & Bachelor Degree Complete Tuition, Books, Fees Save $200  Click Here for 23 - $200 monthly payments

Combined Associates & Bachelor Degree Complete Tuition, Books, Fees  Click Here for 50- $100 monthly payments

Text Books

Text books are provided for all courses. Visit the Phase 1 Courses page