Christian Counseling -- An Emerging Ministry

Over the millennia, the Lord has seen fit to minister to Christians in many ways.  Every aspect of human life is of concern to our loving Father.  With the multitude of Satanic forces attacking our society, it is no surprise that the ministry of Christian Counseling has grown quickly over the past few decades.  IIOCC is here to help light the way. Christian Counseling DegreeIf you have heard the call to enter the ministry of Christian Counseling, the IIOCC is ready to help you acquire the credentials you need.

A New Kind of Bible School

Traditional Bible schools and seminaries perform a vital role in educating and training ministers, pastors and other members of the clergy.  As the need for Christian counselors has rapidly expanded, there is an unprecedented need for training those who wish to enter the ministry of counseling.

The International Institute of Christian Counseling was created to address that need.  This unique school offers courses not ordinarily found in Bible school, but that are entirely relevant to the life challenges and spiritual problems facing Christians today.  The degree programs deal only with matters specifically relevant to counseling, and do not offer a traditional liberal arts education.

High Value - Low Cost - Earn Your Degree

Christian Counseling DegreeOne of the primary goals of the IIOCC is to put a comprehensive, high quality education in Christian Counseling within your financial reach.  A budget of $100 -$200 per month is sufficient to get you your degree within 1 to 2 years.

Self Paced - Individual Study 

At the International Institute of Christian Counseling you will not be tied to anyone else's schedule.  You are invited to commence your program at any time after your application has been approved.  You may proceed at a pace that suits your life. You have 4 years to complete a 2 year program. Go as rapidly as you wish, or assume a leisurely pace, adsorbing the blessings provided by the coursework at a comfortable speed.

Associates Degree in Christian Counseling

The Associate of Christian Counseling degree shall be awarded to those who complete a 60 hour curriculum designed to develop and build a firm foundation enhancing the relationships between the student, the Lord, and themselves.  Areas of study range from anger to forgiveness, the Old Testament, addiction and more.  Upon successful completion of the Associate's program requirements, the student will be awarded: 

  • Associates Degree in Christian Counseling

If you are called to the work of Christian counseling and are ready to begin at the beginning, this is the program for you.  The Associates program will prepare you to continue on to complete a Bachelors degree and then a Master's degree.

Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling

Students holding an earned Associates Degree are eligible to enroll in the Bachelor of Christian Counseling degree program.  The Bachelor's  program will enhance the student's relationships with the Lord, with themselves, and others.

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Christian Counseling program the student will be provided with:

  • Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling

Master's & PhD Degrees in Clinical Christian Counseling

If you already hold a Bachelor's degree and wish to train to become a Christian Counselor, the NCCA programs designed for that are available at our sister school, the Pastoral Counseling Center.

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3

You will find enrolling, ordering coursework, and earning you degree a straightforward matter.  In order to get started, simply:

  1. Complete an enrollment application
  2. Order an Associate's Degree Program  or
  3. Order a Bachelor's Degree Program


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